How to Make A Neat, Simple Planter Box Herb Garden

Sometimes space about the house or apartment can be limiting, so we tend to think "not much I can do, it is what it is". But we can show you how even a small space can be used to make a pleasant addition to the house decor as well as a productive one.

This really is easy and a great project for beginner gardeners.

If you have limited space, but have maybe a patio or something similar, then in this video Kait clearly shows you how to make a neat, simple herb garden in a planter box.

You can place the planter with the herbs on the ground, or support it on the balustrade of your patio with rail brackets. Whatever you choose the plants will provide a softening of the area and a source of supply for cooking ingredients.

Supplies Needed

22 x 4 inch zinc lined planter box.

Rail brackets to support planter box

Wiggle Worm Soil Builder
Plus four herbs of choice:
E.g. Rosemary, Oregano, Chives, Dill, Mint, Basil, Lemon Balm, Coriander, Parsley

Step by Step Instructions

The idea is to use a planter box - which we give you an example of in the link under Supplies Needed. The planter box is filled with an enriched compost/soil mix.

Fill the planter box to almost full with the soil mix then slightly firm with you fist. Now dig four holes leaving the bottom of the planter covered with about two of soil. Make sure the sides of the two end holes are about 2 inches from the sides of the planter.

Carefully remove the herb plants from their containers. It makes it easier to remove the plants if you gently squeeze the sides of the container and then turn the container on its side and gently shake the container with one hand and support the plant and its soil with the other. The plants should slide out of the container.

Place four herbs into the holes you dug, gather the soil around the plants and gently press around the plant to minimize any air gaps. Make sure the surface of the soil that came with the plant is slightly below the top of the planter box. Now add a bit more of the soil mix to fill the planter.

Kait gives some ideas of what herbs to plant , but you could pick the ones you use most often in your cooking. We have added a list of herbs you could use.

The planter can sit on the ground, maybe supported by some wooden bearers, or better still as in the video suspended on the balustrade with some rail brackets, similar to the example we have provided in the link under Supplies Needed.

This is a simple and pretty inexpensive way to add to your personal environment as well as providing a supply of ingredients for your cooking.

It is an example of how, with a wee bit of effort (not that much!), an area can be enhanced in both a productive and pleasant way.

This type of easy project doesn't require many materials, is quick to put together, and will provide on going pleasure.

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