Vacuum Flask, 4 sizes,19 colors.

Vacuum Flask, 4 sizes,19 colors.

This brand of Vacuum Flask comes in 4 sizes and 19 colors giving you a really amazing choice for something to keep your drinks hot or cold.

The design of this drinks container is very thorough, made up of double walled food grade stainless steel and with a powder coated outside for better grip. It also has a handy carry and will keep fluids cool for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours.

This vacuum flask is ideal in winter and summer for those who work outdoors and away from a power supply, as well as being perfect for other outdoor activities like the family picnic. It is well designed and rugged with the double wall of stainless steel, the powder coating on the outside and the carry handle.
The choice of four sizes is handy and the 19 color options allow you to choose your favorite.

What attracts me to this Vacuum flask are the mix of practical and functional features - the double wall of 18/8 stainless steel makes it tough and efficient, keeping fluids hot or cold for 12 and 24 hours respectively, and the powder coating and flexible handle for ease of use.

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