Security Camera & Door Bell

Security Camera & Door Bell

Take a look at this clever security camera and door bell combination that is Android and iOS friendly.

This clever accessory is both an attractive and functional asset for your home, with two interchangeable face plates to match your home and style. The neat thing about this device is that you are always home; you can answer the door from anywhere and identify, listen to, and talk to whoever is there.

This door bell camera combination is an excellent way to get security for your home. A family, a couple or a single person young and old can benefit from "being in the know" of who is at their door, even when they are not at home.
This device comes with tools and a guide for installation, which is not difficult, and it is compatible with Mac and Windows 10 devices, and iOS, and Android. There is also a lifetime protection warranty - if your security camera and door bell combo is stolen it will be replaced for free.

There are several things that attract me to this security device. The fact that it has two face plates to suit your house style, is attractive and compact, is battery operated so is independent of your mains power supply, is useful when your are not on site, and has a video function compatible with Mac, Window, iOS and Android.

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