Rustic Retro Quiet Wall Clock

Rustic Retro Quiet Wall Clock

This rustic, retro, quiet wall clock would suit any room in the house, it's muted neutral colors will fit in with any decor.

No tic tocking here, so there will be no distraction for your quiet moments or when you are reading. The wooden round frame, large roman numerals and discrete colors will make it an interesting addition anywhere in the house.

The interesting design and coloration of this house hold time piece would appeal to people of all ages, young and old. It would add to any decor type and make for a conversation piece. It is also very accurate with a quartz action movement.

I have always liked roman numerals on a clock, they tend to add to the appeal of the time piece, and if you add this particular design and the rustic colors you have a handsome time piece with its own character.

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