Home Decor Wall Art

Home Decor Wall Art

While looking for something else the other day I came across this great example of Home Decor Wall Art.

This example is made up of 4 pieces: 2 square shaped and 2 oblong shaped, featuring hand painted elegant flowers in subdued tones. Each piece is mounted on a stretched and framed modern canvas.

It comes in 2 sizes.

This 4 part feature could be used in your living room, bed room or hall area to add to the decor of the area concerned. Because of its subdued colour tones and the elegant nature of the picture presented, it would fit in with many color schemes and would add a touch of class to a rooms ambience.

The features that attract me to this article is the way it is set up as a mosaic in 4 parts, but also the nature of this piece with its fine hand painted flowers and the color tones give it an overall formal feel that will enhance any room.

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